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Fuel Surcharge – Another Decrease for December

Nicholson’s Transport Fuel Surcharge: December 2014 It’s with great pleasure I can advise that, once again, for a second consecutive month, we have been able to reduce our fuel surcharge. From Monday December 1st the fuel surcharge applied to pallet distribution will be 0.75%. As usual, I’ve provided a link […]

Fuel Surcharge-October 2014

We are delighted to advise our fuel surcharge is  to remain at 1.25% for the month of October 2014. As we are still experiencing communication issues, specifically impacting our email and internet connectivity, no email has been sent directly to your email addresses for this month. We appreciate your patience […]

August Fuel Surcharge Remains Static

FUEL SURCHARGE: AUGUST 2014 We’re delighted to advise that due to another month of reasonable stability with fuel pricing, we are able to hold our fuel surcharge at1.25% for the month of August 2014.  For the month of July, The AA have reported that after rising by around a penny/litre since […]

Fuel Surcharge – July 2014

Nicholson’s Transport – Fuel Surcharge: July 2014 I am pleased to advise we will be rolling over the current 1.25% fuel surcharge for a further month – July 2014. Fuel prices are moving up marginally, however not enough to have any impact for this month. To read more about the […]

May 2014 Fuel Surcharge Review

MONTHLY FUEL SURCHARGE REVIEW: MAY 2014 We are delighted to advise we are once again in a position to roll over the 1.25% fuel surcharge for the month of May 2014. For those who would like to take a more in-depth look at the current UK fuel price climate, I’ve […]

Fuel surcharge for April 2014

With the spring budget firmly in the past, we all let out a huge sigh of relief here at Nicholson’s, safe in the knowledge the planned rise in fuel duty for September 2014 has been scrapped for the third consecutive budget – phew! Another steady month for our fuel purchases […]

Fuel Surcharge: March 2014

Nicholson’s Transport Fuel Surcharge: March 2014 The application of a fuel surcharge is a long established practice in the logistics sector, and is typically applied after any discounts or surcharges, and before VAT. At Nicholson’s we have managed to keep this surcharge at a lower level than many other companies, […]

Fuel Surcharge News for November 2013

Keeping it brief, our fuel surcharge will remain at 1.5% for the month of November 2013. The AA have reported that UK petrol prices have ‘barely risen’ since last month, adding improved stability in the Middle East, and a stronger pound means we should see an impact on lower pump […]

October Fuel Surcharge News

NICHOLSON’S TRANSPORT FUEL SURCHARGE – OCTOBER 2013 Don’t suppose this could ever be a boring message, but we’re pleased to advise there is no change to the fuel surcharge again. For the month of October this will remain at 1.5%. For those interested here are a few links to websites […]

Fuel Surcharge Reduction for May 2013!

Fuel Surcharge: May 2013 Great news! We have seen a decrease in our fuel purchase prices during this month and as a result wish to pass on that benefit to our customers. The effect is our fuel surcharge will decrease by 0.5% to 1.5% for the month of May. On […]

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