Overseas Transport of Dangerous Goods

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Posted on: 04/04/2017 11:42 am

The DGN is a transport document that gives details about the contents of a consignment to carriers, receiving authorities and forwarders, and is used to accompany hazardous goods in transit. A DGN must be used when you transport goods using all forms of transport except air freight, when the IATA Dangerous Goods Declaration is normally used.

As the consignor/shipper you are required to provide full ADR details for all consignments that travel over water, either within the UK or overseas. The following detail must be provided on the dangerous goods note (DGN):

Consignment Information

  1. the UN Number preceded by the letters “UN”.
  2. the Proper Shipping Name (supplemented when applicable with the technical name). Trade names alone are not acceptable.
  3. the Class, or when assigned the division of the goods, including for Class 1 the compatibility group letter followed by any subsidiary hazard class which should be shown in brackets;
  4. the Packing Group, where assigned, for the substance which may be preceded with the letters “PG” (e.g.PG II)
  5. the Sequence of the Information – a, b, c, d Examples “UN1098 ALLYL ALCOHOL, 6.1 (3), I” or “UN 1098 ALLYL ALCOHOL, 6.1 (3), PG I”
  6. The Number and Kind of Packages e.g. 2 x 250 L steel drums; 3 x fibreboard boxes each containing 48 kg. (There is no need to specify details of inner receptacles or inner packagings).
  7. Additional Information – It is necessary to provide supplementary information in certain circumstances These are detailed in Chapter 5.4 of the IMDG Code, ADR and RID and also shown on the reverse of the DGN. Particular attention should be paid to the following:
    • Requirements for Specific Classes, including infectious and radioactive material.
    • Salvage Packaging, Waste, Elevated Temperatures.
    • *Empty Uncleaned Packaging’s and Tanks. There are some differences between the road, rail and sea regulations.
    • * For Sea only – Limited Quantities, Marine Pollutants, and Flashpoint.
    • *For Road or Rail only – Exemption Limits, Tanks, IBCs, Piggyback transport by rail.

It is very important the correct information is provided to allow safe transit of your goods. Appreciating this may seem quite daunting, and rather complex if you’ve not tackled a DGN previously, at Nicholson’s we will try to support you, either with the provision of advice from one of our operational team, or by connecting you with our dangerous goods safety advisor (DGSA) who will support you through the process. You are in safe hands.

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