Vigilant Driver Raised Alarm

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Posted on: 04/11/2016 1:52 pm

Security is an important aspect of the carriage of dangerous goods – ADR, and the term HIGH CONSEQUENCE DANGEROUS GOODS (HCDG) relates to products that could pose the most serious risks if the products fall into the wrong hands. Anyone reading the news can relating to Geo-Politics will realise that the threat to society is real, so we all need to keep on our guard.

There has been a recent incident, when a delivery driver was making a delivery of flammable goods to a private address. The driver noticed the windows of the house were covered with what appeared to be rugs, and the house was in a quite run down state, this was enough for the driver to voice his concerns. He alerted his Principal, who in turn made a call to the Hazchem Network. The client who was selling the goods was contacted to provide details to validate if this was for a bona fide customer. As they could not ascertain this was a genuine customer, the delivery was aborted.

The Police have since thanked the driver and his employer. These goods were not HCDG, it is believed the product was procured for illegal Class A drug activity and they are dealing with the matter.

This is a lesson to us all to be extra vigilant, and to extend caution when confronted by a suspicious looking consignee.

Any suspicous activity should be reported by calling 101,  this connects you directly to your local Police force

Ali Karim, Managing Director, the Hazchem Network

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