Fuel Surcharge – June 2019

The fuel surcharge percentage for Nicholson’s Transport is subject to monthly adjustments based on The AA fuel index report. A copy of this is available to view on The AA website. The fuel surcharge applies to all national and international routes and is stated clearly on your invoice. The fuel […]

Fuel Surcharge – May 2019

Nicholson’s Fuel Surcharge – May 20019 There were slight increases to both diesel and petrol prices in March with 1.4p/litre increase for diesel and 1.5p/litre increase for petrol. The North East remains the second cheapest region for diesel and petrol behind Northern Ireland. The South East has recorded the hightest prices both both petrol and diesel. […]

Fuel Surcharge: April 2019

It is it with great pleasure I can advise the fuel surcharge for April will remain as it is this month at 0.5%.  Please visit The to view the background data that underpins our fuel surcharge matrix The AA Website                     […]

Fuel Surcharge – March 2019

Our transport charges are always calculated excluding fuel surcharge. This is calculated monthly to commence on the first working day of the next month and displays as a separate value on our customers invoice. These surcharges are linked to the AA fuel price index, working on a two month delay. […]

One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Manifesting Your Pallets

With an eye on continuous improvement we are looking at what we can do to ensure our customers have a great overall experience when partnering with Nicholson’s. One area where there is always scope to improve is the information flow between ourselves and our customers, specifically in respect of customer  manifest details. Once in receipt of a […]

Fuel Surcharge – February 2019

With fuel as our biggest running costs we are delighted to see the recent drop in diesel prices and appreciating the positive impact on operational business. As a direct result we are happy to announce a reduction in our fuel surcharge effective from 1st February 2019, this will reduce from […]

Annual Rate Review

We are writing to advise we have completed our annual rate review, and though this will not be welcome news, we hope you understand the cost pressures within our industry. The continued national driver shortages have forced us to significantly increase pay rates allowing us to attract and retain quality staff, while […]

Fuel Surcharge – January 2019

The standard fuel surcharge applies to all NTL movements, and has been actively applied since 1st July 2018. Reviewed monthly, changes to the surcharge will be effective on the first working day of each month and are based on the diesel price set by The Automotive Association (AA). The fuel […]

Fuel Surcharge – December 2018

The standard service fuel surcharge applies to all Nicholson’s Transport Ltd (NTL) movements, and has been actively applied since 1st July 2018. Changes to the surcharge will be effective on the first working day of each month, and are based on the AA diesel price set by the Automotive Association […]

Fuel Surcharge – November 2018

Not the most surprising news to be giving you I’m sure, however, again this month we have seen constantly increasing fuel prices. Therefore, in line with the Nicholson’s Transport fuel escalator our fuel surcharge to for apply from 1st November 2018 is 1.5%. Following is a snapshot of the latest fuel […]

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